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Galactic Glory Awaits!

Step into the cosmos like never before with EVE: War for New Eden. Based on the iconic massively multiplayer online game, this board game captures the boundless possibilities and immense combat of the EVE Online universe. Use diplomacy, deception, and direct warfare to engage your rivals in a grand game of cosmic chess. Make the first move today!

Your own Path to Victory!

Faction Development

In EVE Online, the course that you take is always your own. Choose from a broad spectrum of developments to invest your research tokens in. Keep your plans hidden and reveal completed advancement only when it is the right time to catch enemies off guard. Every game is an opportunity to surprise and invent new paths to victory.

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Expand your empire

Uncharted solar systems are waiting to be explored. Claim them and seize the valuable resources hidden within. You can further improve your territory by deploying distinctive structures in dedicated spots. Use economy on a galactic scale to establish your dominance.

Build your economy

Fight over the control of mineral-rich systems. Trade and manufacture to obtain rare components. Finally, spend your resources to build spaceships and improve your board presence.

Mine Minerals

Fight over the control of mineral-rich systems.

Refine Materials

Trade and manufacture to obtain rare components.

Expand Fleet

Spend your resources to build spaceships.

Epic Spaceships

Every asset you have collected will be strategically utilized to deploy a formidable fleet of spaceships. Stand resilient against incoming assaults or launch calculated offensives. Unleash the full might of your armada in the theater of cosmic warfare.

Spectacular Battles!

Among the stars, there can only be one true ruler. The modern and innovative combat system of EVE: War for New Eden gives you full control over your formations. Experience the thrill of quick early-game clashes that escalate to monumental battles as the stakes are getting higher. Chart your course through the stars!

Universe Managed!​

This game was engineered to enrich your experience. Streamlined setup and practicalities that organize the play area will enable you to enjoy it straight from the box. The standout feature is undoubtedly the modular and interconnected map frame that holds the universe steady and effortlessly controlled. Experience the 4X like never before!

Rule The Stars!​

Are you ready to embark on the greatest gaming adventure that combines the rich universe of EVE Online MMO , the #1 space MMO, with the best elements of tabletop strategy? We invite you to sign up now and get notified at launch so that you can see for yourself everything we have prepared. The grand game of cosmic chess awaits. Make your first move today!

Still Looking for More?

In an endless cosmos there is always room for more action. EVE: War For New Eden will feature multiple add-ons that will set the stage for new adventures and elevate the stunning visuals of the game. Get ready to explore new frontiers!